Rosie Holding (b.2000) is a British mixed-media artist working out of her studio in Perth, Western Australia. Rosie's paintings take the form of impressionistic, ethereal landscapes and otherworldly 'dreamscapes'.
Merging the boundaries of fantasy and reality, Rosie's work holds a key focus on radiating light with layers of harmonious movement. Texture is a hallmark of Rosie’s painting style, creating a game for the eyes as new details continuously appear for the viewer. Inspired by the mythical, magical and surreal, tiny painted details can often be found hiding within Rosie's dreamscapes. Each painting comes to life and stands as a new world of its own.
Rooted in her fascination with the enchantment of The Golden Age of Illustration and Romanticism, Rosie aims to capture the spirit of an era where human imagination and storytelling converged to take the viewer on a journey. Rosie’s paintings enable the warm, nostalgic feeling of fairytale and epic fantasy lands of times gone by to be felt in a contemporary setting. 
Rosie's paintings and prints have found homes throughout the UK as well as internationally across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.