Rosie Holding is a British abstract artist working out of her new studio in Perth, Western Australia. Rosie's current work, recently featured in The World of Interiors, takes the form of vast ethereal landscapes and otherworldly 'dreamscapes'. Merging the boundaries of fantasy and reality, Rosie's work holds a key focus on radiating light with layers of harmonious fluidity. Heavy impasto is a hallmark of Rosie’s painting style alongside delicate brushstrokes and subtle metallics, creating a game for the eyes as new details continuously appear for the viewer. Upon closer inspection, tiny details can often be found hiding within Rosie's dreamscapes. From bridges to flowers to boats, Rosie brings worlds of wonder to life with a contemporary twist. Rosie's paintings have found homes throughout the UK as well as internationally across North America, Europe and Australia. 

Gallery Representation

The Mad Cow Gallery, Plymouth, 2023

Host Galleries, Plymouth, 2022


New Beginnings solo exhibition- Host Galleries, Plymouth, April 2022


The World of Interiors, February 2022 issue